Everything You Need to Know About Building Wraps

Building wrap signage can be seen almost everywhere you look, including as a way to disguise new buildings under construction, to shield interiors until refurbishments are completed, and just as a way to add advertising to the exterior of premises.

A building fabric wrap provides a large area on which almost anything can be printed, including billboard-style advertising, branding for the building itself, and other images like a fake facade behind which construction work can take place.


What is a building wrap?

A building wrap is large-format exterior sign fixed to the wall of a building. It’s common on buildings still under construction, as well as in city centres – you may have seen advertisements for cars and newly released films in this format.

There’s no reason why a building exterior wrap has to wrap around the entire building. You’ll often see a building fabric wrap installed only along one wall, especially if that wall overlooks a main road.


Types of building wrap

Unlike rigid banners, building wraps are often made from PVC mesh fastened securely to a supporting frame, making them less susceptible to the impact of the wind. with two main options to choose from:


Wire frame system

Signs Northwest print your choice of design on 550 gsm solid or mesh heavy-duty PVC. Mesh PVC allows natural light to pass through and puts up less resistance to wind.

A wire frame system means there’s no need to put up a scaffold to attach the wrap to, making this a good option for all shapes and sizes of buildings.


Spirit Flex system

Spirit Flex building wraps use a thin aluminium profile, which can be installed on any flat surface and provides an anchor point for the PVC wrap.

Extremely strong plastic extrusion strips are used to secure the PVC to the aluminium frame, resulting in a drum-tight finish that won’t flap and ripple in the wind.


External Scaffolding system

An extended scaffolding system building wrap is when framework is built onto a scaffold with supporting beams.

Adding a building wrap allows large banners to be stretched across the outside of the scaffold in one piece, hiding the structure beneath.


Building wrap design options

The sky’s the limit! We can work with you to come up with an original design, or you can supply the design for us to transfer on to large-format building wrap fabric.

Building wraps are great for all kinds of images, in full colour, and can include text. Some ideas include:

  • Renderings of the finished building to wrap premises under construction
  • High-res press photography to advertise new products e.g. new car models
  • Text and logos/branding to advertise businesses located in the building
  • Details of works being carried out e.g. on public buildings and town halls
  • Any other combination of text, images, logos and branding

Generally speaking, if you can draw it, we can print it. With our end-to-end design process, we can work from rough sketches or completed designs, always to the same high standards.


Get in touch

To talk to us about building wraps or any exterior building signage, get in touch with our team today and we can make a start on the design process.

We can also supply matching printed blinds, with a huge library of royalty-free images to choose from if you don’t have your own photography to supply.


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