Build your brand with matching interior and exterior signs

We all know how important external building signage is for brand awareness, helping passers-by including both pedestrians and motorists to see who you are and where you’re based.


Eye-catching building wraps and window vinyls turn your premises into an advertising hoarding in their own right, with plenty of space to say whatever you want.


For retailers in particular, external building signage improves visibility from streetside, whether via a built-up lettering or illuminated shopfront sign, or via a totem sign placed by the roadside.


But all of this can be enhanced even further by installing interior signage that matches your outdoor branding, for a consistent experience by anyone visiting your business.


Bringing the outside in

Interior branding is not only important in retail, but across all business premises. Even if you don’t have customers visiting in person, the right building interior signs can put employees in the right mindset and can attract talented candidates and wealthy investors alike.


Commercial building interior signage can be practical too, for example a sign directing visitors to different departments, printed in your company typeface or with your logo at the top.


It’s particularly useful to consider coloured interior signs, as a splash of colour can instantly remind visitors of your brand identity, without changing the actual contents of the sign or its practical value.


For premises that are visited by customers, such as large retail units, leisure facilities like gyms and swimming pools, and private healthcare facilities, branded interior signage puts across a professional image and continues the kerb appeal of your exterior building signs.


Get the best of both

Ultimately, it’s crucial that you don’t neglect either your outdoor signage or your internal signs. Both represent significant brand value and the return on investment you achieve will only be enhanced further by allocating budget both inside and outside your building.


When designing your interior and exterior signs, remember to design for the different formats. Large building wraps give you a huge amount of space to work with, whereas on an interior sign you might need to design carefully for every available millimetre.


By working with a professional, end-to-end signage company like Signs Northwest, you can be confident that every sign will be designed effectively in its own right, but will also look great alongside all of the other signage you install.


After upgrading signage throughout your premises, you can feel much more confident that customers and other visitors will have good brand recognition no matter where they are on your premises.


Find out more

Whether you need indoor signage, exterior building signs or both, Signs Northwest are here to help with over 30 years of experience in the industry.


Our modern design and manufacture techniques mean we can produce your signage layouts on the computer first, allowing for any final tweaks to be made to give you exactly what you want.


We then print the physical signs on modern performance materials and install them to your building interior, exterior, your commercial vehicle or another appropriate place.


To get started on your new signage campaign today, call us on 0161 524 1447 or email us for a free quotation.