Time to replace faded building wraps

Building wraps are an excellent way to maximise the size of external building signage, with brightly coloured PVC wraps that display whatever branding or advertising you want passers-by to see.


Over time, older building wraps may begin to fade, especially after the peak summer months when they have been exposed to the strongest UV light from the sun.


Newer building wraps use performance materials and UV-resistant inks, to give you external building signage that stays vibrant and eye-catching for longer.


If your old building wraps have faded over the course of the summer, there’s no better time to replace them, so that your signage looks at its best as we move into autumn.


Why replace building wraps?


Replacement building wraps are an excellent investment. With the peak summer season out of the way, updating your PVC building wraps can restore the vibrancy to your premises.


You can stick with your existing design, or go for something new. Update your branding and contact details, or remove any obsolete design features.


The newly printed signs will be brighter and more vivid, ensuring you continue to attract the attention of passers-by, even as the days start to get shorter in the run-up to Christmas.


All of this makes early autumn the best time of year to update building wraps, while the weather conditions are still good to allow for quick and easy installation.


Replace damaged building wraps


All of the above is true of exterior building wraps that have faded due to UV exposure in the summer sunlight, but it’s especially the case for damaged building wraps that may have come loose, ripped or torn in strong winds.


With the autumn-winter season ahead, it’s a good idea to replace damaged building wraps to make sure your exterior signs are securely fastened, and less likely to tear as we approach the storm season.


Securely anchored building wraps can remain in place all year round – so if yours are frayed or worn, get them replaced sooner rather than later.


And again, you can take this opportunity to update the design, so make sure you work with a company like Signs Northwest who can design, print and install new building wraps as part of an end-to-end service.


Need help with building wrap design?


Our team is happy to help with any parts of the building wrap design process, so if you’re not sure what you want, what’s possible, or how to make your idea look the best it can be, please get in touch with Signs Northwest and we will be more than happy to offer some suggestions.


We can also help with some of the more technical decisions you need to make, such as the choice between wire frame building wraps and Spirit Flex building wraps, the two main methods of fixing your PCV building banner into place.


For these and any other issues, please contact Signs Northwest directly today on 0161 524 2083 or email enquiries@signsnw.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.